Return To Sender

I’m this close (hold your thumb and index finger together real close) to changing my email address and not telling anyone. Or changing it and giving it to only a select few under the threat of severe bodily harm if they share it with anyone.

Here’s the thing… I hate whining. Really hate it. And if you’re in my email whining and bitching and complaining about everyone else, and you rarely have anything nice to say, chances are I don’t like hearing from you, and I only respond once in a while out of a sense of obligation.

Now, if you also enter my email pontificating, and I respond with a different opinion, don’t expect to unload a really pissy reply on me without ticking me off. One of two things will happen: I’ll either ignore you, and you won’t hear so much as a whisper out of me for a very long time, or I’ll let you have it with both barrels.

I am, after all, entitled to my own opinion on life and the things involved in it. If you don’t want to hear my side of it don’t burden me with yours. I’m all for intelligent conversation, but I refuse to be anyone’s verbal whipping boy. If you want to discuss, fine. If you only want me to agree with you, forget it. If you want to share negative gossip about family and friends and co-workers, find someone else. Don’t expect me to talk about someone behind their back. Don’t expect me to be some brainless parrot.

Just play nice, all right?

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