The Boy has worked for the last 5 years; he started as a busboy when he was 14 years old, and hasn’t stopped working since then, other than a short stint while we were in the middle of moving from North Dakota to California. He’s a hard worker, and good at what he does.

Or did.

With the CA job market being what it is, his boss seems to have come to the conclusion that going to school full time in addition to working almost full time is no excuse for not being able to work shifts on demand.

So here we sit, 2000 miles away, not being able to a damn thing to help him out. If we were still there—and right now is when I resent having been transferred after we specifically requested to stay at Travis for our last 2 years—it wouldn’t be a worry. At least then he’d have a sure roof over his head and food on the table. There’s just not much we can do from here.

It’s probably not the worst feeling in the world, but right now it makes me feel pretty damn powerless. I can only imagine how it makes The Boy feel.

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