Relax, It’s Just A Little Prick

This afternoon we went over to the base pharmacy to pick up my first scrip for Somatatropin – growth hormone. The doc left a message on our answering machine Friday afternoon, basically telling me what I already knew, and that he’d put the prescription in.

Spouse Thingy oversaw my first injection, but I did it myself; it’s a tiny, tiny needle, and the writing on the syringe is tiny, tiny, but he showed me where my dose line is and then told me how to inject, pull back to make sure I wasn’t injecting into a vein, and then gave me a special needle disposal box. I feel so special ;)

But… my adventures in HGH replacement have begun. I’ve started a second blog, one specifically to chronicle my progress (or lack thereof), and to make note of any difference it makes in my Fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s HGH Experiment. Feel free to peek in and poke at me if it looks like I’m slacking off.

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