The Waiting Game

The nice thing about Spouse Thingy working in the hospital is that when I’m waiting for test results, he can get into the system and find out what they are.

The downside is that even after I know what they are, I have to wait for the doc to call in order to do anything about them. And in this instance, I am not a patient person.


I know the results of the insulin stress test I underwent on March 13th. I even have a nice printout to frame for posterity. For the purposes of this test, normal HGH levels would measure between 0 and 10. Throughout the test, before they gave me insulin, after they gave it and my blood sugar dropped, and after they fed me and it was going back up, my HGH measured at “less than .1.” Less than point-1.

Yay me.
I failed the test.

Technically this means I can now go on HGH replacement therapy—but I still have to wait for the doc to call.


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