Today we found a Rally's.

I missed Rally's. The last time I had a Rally's burger was when we were stationed at Scott AFB in Illinois, and we left there in July 1996. I reallllly wanted one. We thought we had found one a while back, but we got there and it was closed. Permanently.

Today we were leaving the base and had to stop by the post office (oohyeah, those of you who ordered books, they're on the way) and decided to see what was just past the place where we normally turn off.

There it was. The Spouse Thingy spotted it first, and I thought he was kidding. Cruelly teasing me. Yeah, right, there's a Rally's this close and we never saw it before. I mean, we looked in the phone book and never saw it there. But there it was. On the right. Just a couple miles away from the Number One Gate of the air force base.

A Rally's.

Oh yeah.

So we stopped, and The Spouse Thingy treated me to a Rally's combo. Burger, fries, and a coke. Yes! Yesyesyes! I was having Rally's for lunch!

And you know what? It sucked.
This is a good thing, over all. I don't need the temptation of a nearby really good Rally's.

But, damn!

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