Holy Brain Surgery Batman!

Ok, it wasn't rocket science, but it was brain surgery. Slowly, envelope by envelope, the bills for my surgery in June have been trickling in. A thousand here, and few thousand there, until the total reached about $30,000.

Today we get another envelope in the mail, just as we're heading out the door to go see a movie. Did you hear a wild "HOLY SHIT!" riding on the air outside your house today? That was me, after opening said envelope.


No, there are no typos there. Eighty seven thousand, one hundred seventy five dollars and five cents (I think the 5 cents was the price for me blinking freely in the recovery room; after all, the movement did displace air...). That brings the grand total to well over one hundred thousand dollars. $100,000.

This, boys and girls, has made all eighteen years of military bullshit worth it. Eighteen years of moving every 3 years, leaving friends behind, having to find new and inventive ways to keep myself occupied whilst the Spouse Thingy is at work and while I know no one and have no where fun to go.

Our share? About $50. Yep. Fifty dollars.

God Bless the United States Air Force.

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