Major kudos to Scary Duck. Our Webfooted Web Weaver was voted Best British Blog on the ‘Net, and deservedly so. He’s got a funny-assed blog, loaded with memories from his childhood, told in a way only the Duck can. Be prepared to spend a lot of time there reading.

It started raining here yesterday afternoon; a nice, steady soaking rain that we really need (oohyeah, I want those leave to change to all the pretty colors!) Now, don’t ask me why, but an hour after the rain began, one of my neighbors was out there mowing his lawn. I understand enjoying a walk in the rain, but cutting the grass? I wonder how thrilled he was later that afternoon when maintenance workers brought a mini-bulldozer over and ripped his lawn up to get at a broken water pipe.

I wondered, too, when the rain was coming down in torrents this morning – we got a good 4 inches – why he was standing outside, shaking a carpet runner…

Cats are supposed to hate water, right? (nice segue from the rain, eh?)

PsychoKitty doesn’t want to get in it, but he sure wants to watch it. It’s not possible to take a bath or a shower without his help. He stands outside the tub, waiting patiently for us to finish, so that he can stand at tub’s edge and watch water go down the drain. A flushing toilet fascinates him (for this reason all toilets are closed when not in use…) To keep him occupied for an hour, I can just dump ice cubes in the sink, and he’ll stand there and watch them melt.

Eh, I don’t get it, but whatever floats his little boat.

My books are still for sale, and I still really need a car.
No pressure, though…

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