A Case Of I Want

Some of the simplest things can be a big thrill – I saw a commercial yesterday for Rally’s and literally stopped what I was doing and sighed “Oooh, I want that.” I haven’t been to a Rally’s in at least eight years, and dang, it sounded so good. As I recall, it was nothing but cheap burgers and seasoned fries, but I really liked it.

The Spouse Thingy, being the Good Person that he is, looked it up in the phone boo, saw there was one not too far down the road, and declared Night Off From Diets and Cooking. After feeding Hank and PsychoKitty this evening, we jumped into the car and headed down Airway Road.

Yep, there was a Rally’s there.
It was closed.
Not just closed, but Out Of Business closed.

I was so bummed. Now granted, it’s just a burger, but dammit, I wanted that burger. We pulled into Wendy’s instead, and I had a burger anyway. Heck, it was good, I love Wendy’s burgers. It just wasn’t Rally’s.

Before we left I decided I wanted a Frosty. If I can’t have the burger I want, then by golly I’ll have a Frosty. The Spouse Thingy went to the counter to get me one, said “one small Frosty to go, please,” and the counter person handed him one.

For free.

Ok, so I’m still bummed the Rally’s was closed, but a free Frosty? Heck yeah!

We know for sure we’re in the Midwest now. Aside from the various county fairs, tomorrow Beavercreek is having its annual Popcorn Festival. Yep, an entire festival dedicated to Popcorn. According to the newspaper, every booth there has to off popcorn in some variety; a local church is planning on having popcorn noodles and chicken.

Um. Yum?

We’ll check it out on Sunday (because Sunday they’re also having a car show, and even though I lack the requisite testosterone, I want to see the cars).

Saturday there’s a Starving Artists Show somewhere in Dayton that we’ll try to see. I need to pick up a cheap crappy painting to match the cheap crappy painting I bought at WalMart just before we left California. I like my cheap crappy painting; it kind of goes with the Thomas Kincaid the Spouse Thingy bought me for Christmas.

If the Spouse Thingy would get his stuff out and get back into Bob Ross painting, he could create the cheap crappy picture I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Surely some Starving Artist has created the ultimate cheap crappy painting…

More than Rally’s, I want a car. A convertible. Almost any convertible will do at this point. Yes, I’m pouting.

I want Jelly Belly Jelly Beans too.

Mostly, I want the car.

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