Here, Have Some Cheese

Maybe I’m just being on the sensitive side lately, but I’m hearing a lot more whining these days: life sucks, my parents/boss/job/siblings totally blow, my friends are turning into little pricks, and I just don’t like the way everything is going. I want everything on my terms, and dammit, I’m tired of waiting for that to happen. Does the world not realize it revolves around me?

Ok, so maybe the whiners don’t feel things to quite that extreme, but it’s how they sound.

Venting is one thing. It’s a one-time, get it off your chest blowup that’s over 2 seconds after the last word escapes your lips. Whining is chronic. At some point it becomes noise, that background static people train themselves to ignore. Listen to yourself speak. If you’re complaining most of the time, if you’re snapping at people because they don’t seem to be treating you fairly, if friends are avoiding you… maybe it’s you.

Face it, you get out of this world what you put into it; if it seems like your parents are always on your ass, you can’t find a job, your siblings seem to walk on water which makes you look like scum, everyone is snapping at you, it may very well be because they’re reacting to the you treat them. It’s like parasitic symbiosis. You’ll continue to feed off one another until one of you changes.

Why not be the one to make that first step? Be the adult, be the mature one. Start being nice, even in the face of nastiness, and see how the people around you respond to it. Attitude is everything. If you can change that, you can change the way you see the world, and the way the world sees you.

But whatever – don’t whine… it only makes you look immature and annoys the holy bejeezuz out of everyone around you.

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