27 July 2013

Instead of real work lately, I've been sketching--badly--a few tattoo ideas. I've had one in my head for at least 10 years, but lacking the skills to draw it out, I've left it simmering in my brain. I knew that once I found the right artist I would be able adequately articulate what I wanted, and the end result would be a kick ass tattoo.

I found the right artist over a year ago but still haven't made a consult appointment; he's in San Francisco and a few times a year heads home to Vancouver to work there, and every time I've thought to make the appointment, he's not here. Well, that and I just haven't asked anyone to make the actual call for me.

While he was in Vancouver the last couple of weeks I picked up a sketch pad and pens, because poorly or not, I like to scribble. The worst thing that could happen? I'd draw a stick figure tiger, crumple the paper up, and then toss it out. I looked at pictures of tigers online, then sat down to sketch out what I'd had in my brain for years.

Go ahead and laugh. I sure as hell did.
After I was done laughing at myself, I decided that was more than enough to take to an artist, and it insured that (unlike my first two tattoos...which I love but they could be so much better) he wouldn't work directly off my drawing. I set it aside and sketched out something else (another tattoo idea, one I want for my parents since they're no longer here to grumble what did you do??? I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they liked my ink...) and while I drew, a little voice in the back of my head told me to get back online and look at tigers again, but change the search term from just "tiger" to "tiger sitting."

Lo and behold.

I'm taking this as a sign that it's time to get this. Now I just need to bribe the Boy into calling for consult appointments for both of us,* since he knows what he wants for his next one, too.

Funny, but not funny ha-ha, I've known for a long time I wanted a tattoo for my parents, and really did put it off because I doubted it would go over well, but it wasn't until my mom died that the exact image came to me. I've had something abstract in my head; it had to do with cats. I just had to. But everything I'd thought of fell just short of being right.

It's a cliche kind of image for a tattoo and not exactly original, but it's the right one.

Okay, don't laugh at this one. This one makes me weepy.
I couldn't get it right before, because they had to be together.

I don't know what colors I'll go with, but each cat will be a different color. The moon will be the moon, and I'm hoping to get 4 stars in there. 

Exactly 4.


I can hear my mom, though. My butt's not that big!


*Not that I'm hinting or anything...


Derby, Ducky said...

You draw better than I do, and the tiger picture is good.

Angel and Kirby said...

I am not laughing at your sketch. You did a good job! love the two kitties.

Erin said...

Hey, your perspective is right on...even before I went on down and saw the foto of the tiger I really got that it a. was a tiger, and b. it had Attitude! And I totally love the two kitties with the moon. Why exactly 4 stars?

Thumper said...

4 stars = my sisters and me...

Shaggy and Scout said...

I mentioned on FB that I'm amazed at how you had those haunches just right in your imagination! That's a great drawing, btw.