13 July 2013

Okay, so on my way home from Starbucks yesterday, I decided to stop and get my hair cut. I just wanted it cleaned up a little, because the back of the top of my head was a little longer than the front, and it was looking bad. All in all, a quarter of an inch at most would do the trick.

I got the haircut from hell. I went from a nice messy kind of spiked hair to this:

Normally when I get a bad haircut, I figure it'll grow out, no big deal. But this was bad enough that I was horrified. I wore a hat when I went out today and still felt all weird and self conscious.

It wasn't even that the dye job made the cut bad; the choppiness and unevenness made it cringe worthy. So after the Spouse Thingy got up and had food, we went out to the back patio, where Fix Thumper's Hair commenced.

He did this a lot when he was in Saudi...they buzzed each others' hair just because it was a hell of a lot cooler than having any.

Just one tiny hair sticking already feels 1000% better. Once he got that stray hair...well, it's the shortest I've ever gone, but I like it a hell of a lot better.

He may have himself a new summer job.


debzy said...

go Spouse Thingy! You're right - it looks good now! I'd definitely give him the job from now on...

Katnip Lounge said...


Angel and Kirby said...

As hot as it has been, I have been thinking about a buzz cut!

Shaggy and Scout said...

I'd like one of those 'cause its 94 in Minnesota now. I like it hot and I've got it now. My spouse thingy shaves his head in the could go all the way like that too.....!