9 March 2013

Back in January, I signed up for a Nike virtual 10K; instead of a run/walk event where you get up at Too-Fricking-Early to show up with a thousand other people to run or walk, this one is DIY. You run/walk, use the Nike running phone app or other Nike+ device to track your distance, synch your device or phone to Nike+ when you're done, and're done.

This appealed to my inner night owl. I wouldn't have to get up early, I could walk wherever the hell I wanted, and the frosting on the cupcake: it was to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

AND I could pick a day: March 9th or March 10th.

So I registered, paid my fee--and happily, because that's the money that goes to the charity--and waited for my even t-shirt. Because...t-shirt. I am a t-shirt whore.

In between signing up and today, the first day I could do the 10K, I got a new toy. And that new toy, when I'm not using the motor, is a hell of a lot harder than just walking. Even when I use the motor, I'm using my body enough that my heart rate goes higher than it does when I walk.

So I caved to my inner 8 year old and decided to do the 10K on the new Trikke.


I headed out this morning, and holy hell, the wind was blowing. I thought about waiting until tomorrow, but the odds of wind tomorrow are probably as high as they were for today, so I jumped on and headed out...and at the .15 mile mark started to think that maybe I would just go home and risk tomorrow being windy. Because carving that Trikke into the wind...not fun.

But then I got around the corner and had the wind at my back, and decided it was a hell of a lot of long as I could figure out a way to keep the wind at my back.

Yeah, that didn't happen. But once I was really going, getting into a rhythm with the Trikke, I figured I might as well keep going.

It felt a whole lot like cheating even though I was working harder, but I rode the Trikke for the 10K and didn't walk any of it...but really, I wasn't going for a 2nd chance slot in a marathon as some participants were today, so I didn't think it mattered. I just wanted to do something for the LLS and have fun while I was at it.

And I did.

This guarantees that tomorrow there will be no wind at all...I might have to go out again, just for the hell of it.


Angel and Kirby said...

You put in the miles and worked hard for them!

Jan Scholl said...

I won't do a race without a decent tshirt. Because I need more squares for my quiltmaking. I wear them a year (unless they are horridly ugly-I cut those babies up the first week), then I replace last year's with a new one from this year, and cut the old one. I am working on 5 quilts by race or distance. . Now I wanna know more about this Trikke. Can you do a review, what lead to your choice of one and all that jazz? No one sells them close to me but I don't drive anymore (hubby retired and is now my chauffeur...for better or worse...but way cheaper as we plan our trips). Its 5 miles to my gym but there is a bike route the whole way, even along busy roads. Yeah!