30 April 2012

I love San Francisco. The Spouse Thingy took ten days off work. So there was plenty of time to go back to SF again. We got off the BART and headed back through China Town today, but this time we were headed for Pier 39, which is only about 4 miles away and gets a couple of decent hills in (not enough, but still.)

Old photo...that macaroni noodle is no longer there.


But once we were there, it was lunch time and the Spouse Thingy's reward for walking and not whining is fish. I don't do fish. I don't like the smell of fish. I also don't mind if he goes into a restaurant and has his fish, because while he's indulging, I can shop.

And shop I did. I wandered into the wine shop and bought some mini-bottles of booze: Contreau, Jagermeister, and two bottle of Chambord, which the Boy said I would like...and now I need him to tell me how to drink it. Mix or straight. But...still. I bought booze. In teeny tiny bottles.

I wandered some more and went into a knife shop, where I came this close to buying a 2" switchblade. The only thing that stopped me was that there was no blade lock to keep it from popping open in my pocket.

I know, a bizarre want...but I've wanted a switchblade since I was a kid, probably because it's illegal...but under 2", apparently they're legal enough in CA.

So no knife. Then I wandered into a touristy shop that sells tons of hats and shirts and fell deep in like with a striped sorta cowboy hat that can be molded into whatever hat shape you want. But I wasn't sure, so I headed back out and wandered some more, almost-buying a few sweatshirts and a crystal Thumper (but could not justify $100 for a tiny piece of glass) and went back.

I tried the hat on again and was looking in the mirror, when an older lady near said--very sweetly and with genuine concern--Oh,

So I guess that was not a good look for me. Good to know.

This has been a really fun mini-vacation. We've hit SF twice, shopped for some stuff for the Spouse Thingy's woodshop, wandered around a flea market, spent his birthday losing money in a casino...He's only got 2 more days off, and one of those we have dental appointments...all fun things must come to and end, I suppose.

But my highlight just might be Oh LOL


Anonymous said...

I got something like that once--"Seriously, you should not wear that" from the fashion police/teenager in line behind me.
But if you really liked it, you should have gotten it. Maybe the next time.

Sleepypete said...

I wonder if I've had people think that about the various hats I've been seen to wear :-)

I wanted two things like the Need Switchblade ...
1 - Pocket Knife, Swiss army type. But only because they're shiny and have lots of bits to play with
2 - Leather Jacket. Just ... because.


Angel and Kirby said...

Pier 39 is a fun place to visit! You can see all kinds of things and people!

Shaggy and Scout said...

I turned 50 two years ago. Right around that time I started to indulge my whims and just buy things I wanted. Not going overboard like men do with the red convertible but little things. I'd wanted a second piercing in my ears since I was 15 and mom said no because she considered it "mutilation." I suddenly realized I am a grown up and I don't have to listen to mom anymore. I have been buying bright bold happy colors to wear. Keen Fisherman sandals for my feet because the colors are so beautiful and they make my feet feel good. Bracelets...because I've always loved braclets, but cool ones from the junior section at Target. I've emerged from a 10 year depression and I want to shout to the world "here I am and I feel great!" -Lynne

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that you are having so much fun. That hat sounds really cool.