22 April 2012

How I know I'm special:

I got a medal for walking a little over 3 miles.
And a t-shirt.
But the medal, that means special.


Mike said...

Do you mean like ride the short bus special? Running to hide now.

kris said...

Yeah, you're speshul for sure.

Carolina Cats said...

You're special because you care enough about other people to DO something. And that "something" isn't walking 10 feet or 10 miles - it's making the effort to raise the money that is the real help. The help that is needed to eradicate this d**n disease so people with MS can go for a walk anytime they want, not just when the weather is cool enough or they don't have to conserve their energy just to climb the stairs to go to bed at night. THANK YOU.


Angel and Kirby said...

The Medal makes is very special!