9 April 2012

What I've been doing over the past nine days when I obviously wasn't blogging...besides playing on Facebook...

Mostly...getting this formatted, uploaded to the printer and distributor, then formatted for the Kindle and uploaded to Amazon. It's not on other major bookstore sites yet, mostly because I haven't gotten around to formatting it in their preferred style. I would really like it if everyone would agree on one standard format... If they would, it would be everywhere by now.'s on Amazon. The print version shows right now as out of stock, but that's mostly because they just got the data from the distributor. [clicky]

The Kindle version is available... With the e-ink it's all in black and white, but if you have a Kindle Fire or another color e-reader with a Kindle app, there are pictures in color. Color! Imagine that! [clicky]

My favorite toy also decided to give me headaches. We started to head out on a ride, pulled the bikes out of the garage and I fired mine up...and then it died. Fired it up again...and it died. Tried a third time, and =click=. Nothing.

Ride aborted, we put the bikes back, the Spouse Thingy hooked up a battery charger and a few days later he fired it up. And it died. He fired it up. And it died. =click=

The frustrating thing is that the dealership is 50 miles away, and pretty much all the other bikes shops around here closed one by one over the last couple of years. The one left...the Harley dealer in Vacaville. They had no issues with testing my very-non-Harley battery, though, and were happy enough to dig into manuals and find out exactly what battery it needed, and then ordered me one.

So two days later the Spouse Thingy put the battery in for me, charged it, and yesterday I fired it up...and it died. Fired it up. Died. Fired...and the engine would turn and turn and turn, but did not want to start.

Well, hell.

It finally did start, but was obviously not happy about it. It ran rough, so I decided to ride around the court, and when it died once more I took it back into the garage, thinking that on Tuesday it would be headed to the dealership on the back of a tow truck. But today, after some advice from a couple other people, I fired it up and we went for a ride around town...not a single issue.

Apparently my favorite toy does not like gas that's even two weeks old. So I clearly have to ride it more so that it gets a regular supply of fresh gas.

Since I'll need to ride a lot, before winter I think I'll need something nice and warm and very bright to ride around in.

These suckers...crash in one of these and unless you get run over, too, you get to keep all your skin.

Go ahead, buy me one, I know you want to. It's only like $900...

Should have bought it a couple years ago when it was a hundred bucks less...

Oh, and the other thing I've been doing?

Tormenting the cats.

They didn't seem to appreciate their Easter gift.

Tho..Buddah has bitten it a couple of times.

He needs a name.

Something like NEDS. Non Edible Piece of $ least that seemed to be what Max would call it.


Angel and Kirby said...

I like NEDS! Hope the bike runs better!

Sleepypete said...

How long has the fuel filter been in the Harley ? Might be worth checking the air filter as well (I dunno, all my engine knowledge is with cars ... not bikes!) in case it's struggling because the filters aren't letting enough into the engine.

Does the suit glow in the dark too ? :-)

Hope the bike runs better soon.

PS Spark plugs are worth a peek too, not for an immediate change but their condition can tell you a lot about how an engine is running and point you in the direction of what to fix.

David E. Francis said...

The thing about tormenting the cats may backfire---they may want to get even. :->