15 May 2012

Stuff That's Been Going On In The Last Couple Of Weeks
  • My Mom took a heard fall and it's been pretty serious. She suffered a brain stem bleed and was in ICU for a while, has had some issues that once she was out out her back in again, and now she's in rehab. It's still serious, she could use some continued Mojo and whatnot. She's been through enough in the last few years, between fighting through Lymphoma and losing my dad...she needs to catch a break.
  • I've spent the last week with my throat on fire and my head so full of goop that everything was spinning and my ears were popping. A little harder to hear than normal. I'm starting to feel better, though, so it's barely worth mentioning.
  • I am still tired enough that the Bay to Breakers isn't happening this weekend, at least not for me. I'm sure the other 20,000 people will still show up. I just can't see going into the city, spending the night, and fighting a crowd to walk uphill for over 7 miles when I'm so wrung out.
  • Before the cold knocked me on my asterisk the Boy went to Reno, so we got to go walk Butters. I think I'll rename him Sir Sniffs-A-Lot, because holy carp that dog likes to check everything out. And for a guy with short little legs, he's fast. Walk with him everyday and a person could get into decent shape.
  • Max, on the other hand, did not like how I smelled when we got home. Apparently, I smelled like betrayal.
  • My laptop crashed. Hundreds of cat pictures with funny captions...gone. I am in mourning.
  • Replaced the laptop.
  • Yeah...this is the excitement of my life. But still, if you're of a mind to, send my mom continued well wishes or Mojo or prayer. It would be nice if she recovered fully.
Also have been looking at a lot of Calvin and Hobbes, looking for the next tattoo...


Angel and Kirby said...

I am sending prayers to your Mom. Sorry about the laptop. Was nothing recoverable? I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh wow. Good thoughts to your Mum. That's a lot--and for you too!

Roses said...

Tell your mom to quit riding the Crappopatamus.
Jump off and let the thing chase a rodeo clown or something.

caircair said...

Sending healing thoughts and mojo to your Mom, and you.

Shaggy and Scout said...

((Hugs)) and healing to your mom.

I love Calvin & Hobbes!

Lemon Stand said...

Wow! I am SO sorry you and your family seem to be struggling. Hang in there. Prayers for you and your Mother!