12 December 2011

Tomorrow, we're heading out for the first real vacation either of us can remember, and because we're all grown up and chit, we're heading to Disneyland.

We went to Disneyland 21-22 years ago, when the Boy was little. We knew we would be leaving CA and didn't know if we'd ever get another chance to take him, so we whipped out the credit card and willingly took on a little debt in hopes that we'd give him a few happy memories. I think it took us 3 years to pay it off (yeah, minimum monthly payments, not such a bargain) but it was worth it.

He's been back a few times, but we haven't. And since the Spouse Thingy actually is getting some time off close to Christmas, when the park will be lit up, we want to go back and have some fun and enjoy the decorations. I'm not sure how many rides we'll get on--unfortunately my back just doesn't do well on a lot of them now--but for the 3 or 4 days we'll be there I'm betting there will be a lot to see.

And instead of the CheepAss Motel a couple miles down the road, we're staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We'll be able to walk to the park or hop on the Monorail, which means if we need or want to, we can take an extended break during the day and not feel like we're missing anything.

And yeah, I know I'll probably need breaks. Sure, I can do the 3 day and walk the 20 miles a day, but when you do that you're not standing in lines for freakishly long stretches of time, and standing kills my back. Plus, I've been babying my foot in order to be able to make this trip, but that also means I haven't been walking, and my endurance tends to evaporate pretty fast these days.

I was also reminded when I went to Atlanta how exhausting traveling is for me. That first day I was floored; since we're staying right there, if I'm too wiped out, it's not a big deal. Hell, if he wants to, while I splay myself out on a bed and drool, the Spouse Thingy can wander around the park by himself for a while.

And something else I feel like I have to explain... I know there are several people in the area that mentioned wanting to get together while we're down there but I haven't yet made plans. Please don't be offended. I really don't know what we'll be doing and when, and I don't know if I'll suddenly need to stop in the middle of the day. I still have health issues that might get in the way; that's not going to change, but because this really is the first vacation we've taken in forever, we're going to be selfish and do what we want to do when we want to do it, with no restrictions on the clock.

Basically, we want to spend some time alone.

Old people still do that, you know ;)


G.G. Mueller said...

GO! Have a blast in any way that you want. Ignore everyone else. I remember to get a pink Mickey Mouse Hat!!!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Have fun, take your time, and enjoy each other. We have been doing things together with out grown kids or grand kids, and it is fun!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Enjoy taking your time! You know what? Health is a funny thing--one of the dearest friends of the Woman has a major illness (well several of them but this woman's is chronic) and it's one of those things that they always try to get together when the Woman is in the area but they both know that it might not happen--and that's okay. Because good friends know that sometimes resting is more important than visiting-

Camie's Kitties said...

The bad thing is that it's raining down here today and tomorrow. The good thing it's raining here today and tomorrow - people tend to stay away from the park in the rain, so the lines are usually a LOT shorter. Bring an umbrella :)

Enjoy your time down here and if you can get together for some coffee/dessert, that's great; if not, I'm sure everyone understands that it is YOUR vacation. (We just all want to meet a really cool person).


Christie Critters said...

Stubble and I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel once while The Bearded One was on a Christmas business trip (yeah, Christmas). You are absolutely correct about the convenience.
Make sure that you rest up enough to enjoy the lights and snow at night on Main Street. It is worth the trouble.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

We just got back from spending 5 days there with the whole family!! It was great. Have a great time. It really was beautiful with all the Christmas lights.

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on finally getting a vacation. I hope that your back lets you really enjoy it.