16 June 2011

We joined a gym.

Well, yeah, we've done that before, but this time we totally mean it! Like, we'll actually go there and do sweaty stuff. It's a brand new gym, has only been open for 16 days, and we've gone, hmmm, 7 or 8 times. That might be more than all the times we went to our last gym gym combined.

The problem with the last gym was that it was very, very small. It seemed cozy and adequate at first, but when you have people sweating in a space not much bigger than my family room and living room combined, it starts to smell. And the worst odoriferous offenders seem to be the guys who act like they own the gym, and they don't seem to like sharing the equipment with the out of shape people. 

Sure, that gym was close by--3 miles--but if you're uncomfortable, you don't go no matter how close it is.

The new's huge. I suspect at its busiest there will always be cardio equipment available, and it won't take long to get onto the weight machines. The only downfall--but it's what made me want to join this gym--is the pool. There are only 3 lanes for lap swimming and walking. There's a rec area for nonswimmers to play in, but getting them to stay in that area is already problematic.

Yo, if you think you're gonna share MY lane, think again!
I haven't yet been there when I haven't had to tell some kid to get out of my lane and to stop darting out in front of me. I get it, the kids don't really know any better, but someone--probably me--is gonna get hurt sooner or later. So I have to be the wicked witch of the water and bitch these kids out, because their parents either don't care or aren't there.

Mostly, the parents aren't there. The offenders are usually 13-14 years old, ideally old enough to be in a pool without constant supervision

Even without the kids there, it would be nice if there were 5 more lanes to accommodate all the people who want to swim. I'd forgotten how much I like to swim. I'm pretty freaking slow, though...did about a mile today and it took half an hour. I can walk a mile and a half in that time frame.

In any case, we're back at a gym. I'm hoping that between the walking and the gym I can get into good enough shape that two Walks this year won't kill me. Because it would really suck if I got to the end of day three of the second walk and just up and croaked.


april said...

I would definitely join a gym if it was close and had a pool. There's a Y close with a pool, but I haven't gotten around to checking out prices. I've been very good so far about running outside, but I think once it starts getting dark earlier I'm going to have to invest in something to keep myself working out. There can't always be Groupons for hot yoga studios for $25!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE are thinking about joining a gym. WE both need it. It is at a city rec center and we have not seen it early in the day, but at 2 pm is is almost empty!

Derby, Ducky said...

What you need to do is while in your swimming motion really smack them good. You didn't mean to hurt them, but gee you didn't see them over in the swimming late. If they get bonked enough, they will stay out of the way.