3 February 2011

I haven't been especially active in the last couple of months. Between wiping out and hurting my shoulder, then throwing my back out, well, I've done a lot of sitting here trying to not move too much. But now that the shoulder feels decent most of the time and the back feels fine, it's time to start moving again.

The thing is, my endurance sucks. I can still walk reasonable distances at an adequate speed, but I really do want to get into shape. I have the spiffy calorie counting thingy strapped to my arm all the time so I know what my baseline is and what my typical deficit is every day, but I need the cardio to add to that.

The best cardio thingy I have, the Street Strider. The outdoor elliptical machine that has kicked my ass in a major way. I ever get get very far on it before the weather turned and it was either too cold, too rainy, or I was just in no shape to ride it.

But now?

Otherwise known as the Dammit Machine
I bought a Kinetic Road Machine so that I can use it indoors (and for the record, I don't recommend doing this in front of a fire...) so that I can get some of my endurance back before taking it outside again.

This morning I hopped on and got going, and in five minutes I was sucking wind. Seriously sucking wind. So I got off, caught my breath, got back on...and was sucking wind.

Out of shape, I are.

I worked it in 5-10 minutes spurts, until I had half a hour on it, and later this evening I did another ten,

Buddah sat and watched, mocking me.

Once I get it up to 15-20 minutes nonstop I'll try taking it outside again, because that's got to be more fun than staying indoors being mocked by the cat.

Well, I hope I will. There's a good chance we're heading for the snow next week and giving the Skkis another try. So who knows...


Angel and Kirby said...

You will get there. Offer Buddah treats to stop mocking you!

gizzylaw said...

Yeah, Max and Buddah are gonna have to live without the fire thingy for awhile. But getting a big floor fan might put them in another room while you do this. That'll get Buddah to stop mocking you and give you some wind to suck!
Just a thot....