15 February 2011

Because I know you've been waiting with baited breath...

I have no idea why this picture is so stretched out...
Behold...the first draft...

It probably would have been done day before yesterday, but I got distracted by some really beautiful weather and decided to take advantage of the spring-like days to take a few long walks. My timing was good, too, because the rain and wind has moved in, and it's not like there's a whole lot else to do while stuck inside.

Well, other than cleaning, and I'd much rather write than clean.

And then yesterday was Valentine's Day, and while I got a lot of work done, we did go out to dinner (yes, I know, I've said before you'd never find me in a restaurant on Valentine's Day, but in my defense I just had a brain cramp, and we didn't go to our first choice because the damned parking lot was PACKED--at 5-freaking-thirty! Like, who other than us eats at 5-freaking-thirty on Valentine's Day? Really!) and we did want to spend some, um, quality time together later.

Oh, and there was frozen yogurt in there somewhere. After dinner but before, um, watching TV in bed while also playing with my iPad.

Shuddup. You can't get porn on an iPad.

(Can you?)

Anyway, even though the Spouse Thingy had today off, he had a CPR test to take and a Mom to go see, so I stayed home and finished the first draft.

And now the fun begins, wherein I read the damned book so many times that I start to hate it.

When I truly despise it, I'll send it to the editor and to a couple of beta readers. With any luck, it'll be ready for prime time in April or May.

I can see you twittering with excitement from here.

Or maybe you just have gas.

Whatever. First draft--in the can.


Camie's Kitties said...

Congratulations! Hopefully the editing and re-writes will be few.


kenju said...

Congrats!! and what Camie's Kitties said.

Lone Star Purrs said...

~LSP Momma Becca

Anonymous said...

Yep... it was gas

Chicka said...

Yes, you can. (or so I've heard.)