24 February 2011

No, the book's not ready; the first draft and first pass through have been done. It still needs to be tweaked and edited, then the second draft (which should go quickly, given that the back story was pretty much established in the first 4 books.)

But, this is the cover mock up. It's not done, either. The font might change; the color of the font might change. I know the stroke that lines the font will change to make it stand out a little more.

But, so far, I like the cover.

And the title? That's not changing. That's pretty much set in stone.

So why post a picture of a mock cover? To annoy the hell out of Char Murphy, who's been bugging me to read the first draft.

And why do I want to annoy her? Because she knows how tall I am and how much I weight, and used this knowledge to help her husband order this for me:

Apparently I'm doing the 3 Day in style this year.

At least I won't have to show my face...


Angel and Kirby said...

We can't wait for pictures of the three day walk in that! Oh, We can't wait for the book either!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

OH MY GOSH! And the Woman WAS thinking she would pass on the walk this year... but now... we'll have to rethink that plan...

las794 said...

LOL! Alas, I think you would die of heat stroke in that pink thing. Not recommended. ;)

Rex Jameson said...

Going to be walking a marathon this coming month myself. Do you have any updates on the cover?

I'm not familiar with the series, but I am curious what you did with the font - I think it really does need a stroke border around it or something to help the text pop out.

Does the sunset matter to the story? What drew you to the image for your book?


P.S. Followed you in from kindleboards

Thumper said...

The Font is FB Agency and as a stroke, but not a deep one...and this is just an initial mockup, it may or may not be the final cover.

It's two images blended together; one of the San Francisco city skyline and the other is the sky (what got cut was the ocean...) Both are integral parts of the story. If I could find a better sky--something more "northern lights" I'd go with that, but this (so far) is as close as I could come.

Rex Jameson said...

I think the northern lights above it would certainly give San Fran an eerie, cool vibe. I'm not an expert on copyrights or anything, so I'm just linking to some northern lights for um... guidance... yeah.

Plus, some of these are just 500x400 and various sizes that probably don't work for you, but you can search through google images or wherever.

Here is a series of green northern lights that I think might go well with the yellow text (well, behind both the yellow text and the city outline, if you are doing a PSD or something). It's just something to try.

Here's some yellow. You would probably want a black overlay in photoshop with roughly 50% opacity, imo.