9 December 2010


Earlier this year the Spouse Thingy and I gave skiing a try, but it was pretty much a failure due to an unwaxed ski and wet snow…I didn’t even finish the 2 hour beginner’s class because of it. Unwaxed ski = ski that won’t slide = twisted knee.

The consensus after we gave up? "We're too old for this shit."

But, we like the idea of fun in the snow, so over the summer we planned on getting a couple of Trikke Skkis, because they’re easy to ride, and easy sounded really good.

A couple of weeks ago we ordered two of them, and on Monday we drove up to Sierra-at-Tahoe and bought our season passes (because hey! These things are easy to ride, so we’ll ride all winter long!), then spent the night in a cheap motel so that we could hit the slopes bright and early. And it was a beautiful day... No wind, abundant sunshine, and the temp was right around 32--bonus in that it wasn't at all crowded, which is what we hoped for, being new to the spiffy Trikke Skki.

We had to field a lot of questions from the curious about the Skkis, but soon enough we were walking them partway up the bunny slope so we could test ride them and make sure we knew how to stop, which seemed like an important thing to know how to do. We did that twice, were satisfied that we could do it, and headed for the ski lift...determined to stick to the bunny slope because, hey, we're not stupid.

But ya know? From the top, the bunny slope looks pretty steep. So we headed sideways, from one side to the other, a sloping lateral move, just to test the stopping thing again. And then I decided sooner or later I was going to have to go down that hill, so off I went.

And it was awesome. I had the carving motion down fairly well because of the street Trikke, and I was able to slow myself a bit when I thought I was going too fast. Sweet. And so much fun.

And then a snowboarder stopped--in a logical place to stop, seeing as how he was nearly at the bottom--so I needed to not only stop, but avoid him. So I leaned into the slope--what one is supposed to do to stop a Skki Trikke--and was slowing, but I made the mistake of turning the front ski in the opposite direction. I launched off of it, over the handlebar, onto my right shoulder, and the Skki landed on top of me.

Easy to ride...not so easy to stop. Not if you're going pretty fast.

My very first run on my brand new spiffy toy, after paying for a season pass, and my season just might be over. Nothing broken, but tons of bruises. My left foot was pretty mangled (not sure how) and I strained nearly every tendon that keeps my right shoulder connected to my body so badly that the doc says it should heal in 12-18 WEEKS. And that I'd probably hurt less if I'd broken it.

Go me!

This was me after he told me that:

No Skking, no motorcycle ...=sob=... I am so freaking sore, even thinking about moving hurts, and I am Teh Bummed.

Well, other than the Vicodin. That part has been fun...


Cheysuli and gemini said...

My human is sort of laughing but not in a mean way. She is a regular skier and first she says--watch those darned boarders (and small children)--they'll kill you or at least injure you badly.

The other skier in her says, well at least you don't have the story about how you fell in the lobby before you even got to the slopes, because you know that happens too. And we hope you feel better soon. I'll be happy to come over and show Max how to do some catupuncture on your shoulder.

Angel and Kirby said...

THat really stinks! That is a long time to be missing out on the fun. How did the Spouse Thingy do? I know that is not a nice question to ask an injured woman.

jenianddean said...

That's a huge bummer. Hopefully you'll bounce back closer to the 12 weeks side of things. Have you ever heard of kinesiotaping? It's a good therapeutic taping method that helps support the joint. It might help speed the healing some ( or Hope you're back in the saddle soon.
--Jasper's Dad Dean

Carmi said...

I think it's cool that you put yourself out there and gave it a shot. And when you feel all better, you'll be back on the road, on the slopes, wherever you want to go or how you want to travel.

I grew up in Montreal, so skiing was always a quick drive north. My mom wouldn't let me try it till I was older, so when I learned, I was surrounded by little munchkins who learned to ski almost as soon as they knew how to walk.

It's a wonder I survived the learning process, but eventually, after a lot of falls and trips to the doc, I got it.

I know you'll come back from this. You always do.

The Whiskeratti said...

Oww owww oww. No wonder the cats needed to lay on you.

Thumper said...

I saw a lot of people on the 3 Day Walk using kinesio tape... Most of my pain is centered right where the pectoral muscle connects to the sternum, and just under the inside edge of my shoulder blade...not sure how to tape that. Granted, right now my whole right side could stand to have the chit taped out of it...

I will survive. And lucky I didn't break my neck, as has been pointed out to me.

And yep, I will try again once I've healed.

Terri and Spikey Lee said...

awwww that sucks. Hope you are feeling much better very soon and can go play with your way cool new toy.

Chester & Mickey said...

Oh Thumper! Have you lost your mind. Snow is not soft on the bunny slope. Our Humom tried skiing and snowboarding and ended up with a concussion and a dislocated wrist. Beware of steep slopes; gravity is a major bitch!

Team Tabby said...

Ouch, ouch, we admire your zest for the slopes, we hope you heal fast.

Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

PS you would laugh at what we call slopes around where we live.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Very sorry to hear about your mishap on the slopes. With Max and Buddah fighting over who gets to purr on you, you should be back on that spiffy new toy in no time.

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos & Assorted Fosters

P.S. Is Thumper wearing an earring?

Real cab driver said...

If you'd like to ski, might I suggest........ Get yourself a pair of roller blades, and go roller blading for say, 10 hours. Not all at once, but keep track, and spend 10 hours out there on those in line skates.

During my 10 hours I managed to break my wrist. So, I also suggest you take it easy at intersections, and ALWAYS assume cars won't see you, and won't yield the right of way, because they're bigger. My broken wrist happened when I needed to attempt a hockey stop to avoid a trip to the emergency room as a hood ornament.

After roller blading, you will be able ski. Why? I'm not really sure, I'm not a PE teacher, but there is something about the movements and feel of blading that will allow you to do stem turns on the first try. At least I could, and when I was a kid, I couldn't do a snow plow turn.

Thumper said...

I have to laugh, because I can't roller blade to save my life... my inability to blade is why I Trikke...same basic movement, but I have the safety of the Tripod frame to keep my upright.

I'll get back out there on the Skki Trikke, too...and take it much, much easier next time out...