19 December 2010

It's been cold and rainy here, and the forecast suggests it's going to stay that way at least through Christmas. Normally, that many days of rain would have me whining about not being able to take the bike out, or the Trikke, or the Strider... but since I can't do any of those things right now, I'm kind of enjoying the rain.

But...I really do need to get out there and walk. I have the treadmill, but it's different. I prefer walking outside, wandering around the town, seeing and hearing and smelling things that aren't in my face most of the rest of the time. Outside, I'll walk further and for a longer period of time than I will inside on the treadmill. It's not exactly logical, but there we are. I'm not an exactly logical person.

And there's the whole oh-holy-carp-this-kinda-hurts thing I have going on. I never realized how much a person's shoulder and chest moves with the simple motions of walking. The shoulder achiness I can deal with, but I have that place on my chest that just burns, and when I move the wrong way...damn. So I haven't made much of an effort to walk, even though I want to.

I'm a weenie that way.

When this has all healed up enough--half the time I think it'll heal quickly, the other half I'm afraid it really will take 12 weeks--I'm going to have some serious catching up to do conditioning-wise and weight wise. Sitting on my ass is not doing kind things to my weight (and neither did the pound cake I caved into this last week...or the cookies) and even if I keep the calorie count reasonable, if I can't move around I'm going to expand in ways I really don't want.

Yep, this is the argument I have in my own head. Move and hurt. Don't move and get fatter. Take it easy and decrease the healing time. Suck it up and do things and don't get fatter.

On the plus side, I can drive now, so I'm not stuck here. I can get out and about if I need to, but driving isn't all that comfortable when I have to navigate a turn, so I'm not jumping in the car and taking off on a whim. Max's friends can relax, though; I did go shopping for his Christmas present, but it's not wrapped and under the tree yet. Mostly because he would smell it, or Buddah would, and my furry friends would shred the paper to get to it.

What? Like you don't buy Christmas presents for your furballs...


Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad you are taking it easy! Hopefully that will speed the healing. Yes, we do bu presents for the fur balls!

gizzylaw said...

Of course we buy them presents. It is fair payback for all the purrs and warmth they give when they know suppen's up. Mine are gettin' real special stuff this year. They have braved the dog area to give us purrs. That is special.
Take care of that shoulder. You have to walk next year!!!!

The Furry Bambinos said...

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain still. I broke my baby toe the first week of Nov. and it still hurts a little, but getting better.

And OF COURSE we buy presents for The Furry Bambinos - and for my sister's cats and dog. The Furry Bambinos always give us gifts and cards too. In fact, they gave me a cat perch for my birthday two weeks ago. I get my computer chair back, so it's a fair deal.

Merry Christmas!
Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos and Assorted Fosters

Camie's Kitties said...

My vote is for you to take it pretty easy. You really will heal faster if you don't try to push it.

As for buying things for the fur kids, of course I do. I also buy toys form my nephew's cats and my niece's dog.