Happy New Year, You're Smarter Than I Am

Oh yeah, I am smart.

Let me tell you how smart I am.

Three days ago (well, nights...) the Spouse Thingy heard a noise and looked out the window upstairs; there were people trying to open the side door of the garage in the house next door. The house we used to live in, and still have warm fuzzies about. The house that has sat empty since August, and to which the doors have only been opened (as far as I know) one time when the smoke alarms were going off and we went in to make sure it wasn't on fire.

He ran downstairs and said, "Someone is breaking in next door."

And this is where my incredible, so-smart-my-head-should-weigh-15-pounds, exponentially wonderful intelligence came into play.

I did not pick up the phone to dial 911.

I did not shrug it off with a "Who cares? The house is empty."

No, I stormed out the front door and stomped over there to give the intruders a piece of my mind, the Spouse Thingy hot on my heels, probably wondering what he would do with my corpse.

There they were, two people standing there while another was drilling into the lock, hunched by the fence in the darkness. Oh yeah, let's break into the garage instead of the front door! That made sense.

Turns out they were there on behalf of the bank to change the locks; they showed the Spouse Thingy proof while I went back home to get the garage door opener, so that they could enter without spending so much time drilling their way in.

But yeah, that's how smart I am.

So Happy New Year...you now know you're much smarter than Thumper.

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