Laughing at my own suckitude...

  • Pick up a guitar for the first time in at least 5 years. Strum. I suck.
  • Restring guitar. Strings stretch while playing. Doesn't matter, because I suck.
  • Find old sheet music, realize I can't remember a whole lot of chords, but that's okay, because I suck anyway.
  • Find folder of songs I wrote back in junior high. Realize I kind of sucked even 33-34 years ago.
  • Hum along as I play, because I haven't sung in as long as I haven't played, and I suck.
  • Inflict my playing on the cats and watch them run, because I suck.
  • Enjoy it anyway, because it doesn't matter. I suck, and it's kind of funny.

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