Let's continue pondering how freaking smart I am. Because I am, I obviously am.

Yesterday was a nice enough day so we decided to take the bikes out; the Spouse Thingy's had not been ridden in a couple of weeks, and you just don't want to let a bike sit unridden for long periods of time, lest its battery decides to die and its gas gets all icky and stuff. I just like to ride, I'll take just about any excuse.

Ten miles out my gas light came on, so we headed for a gas station, because--see, I am so smart--that's where you fuel up.

I pulled up to a pump and saw a ripped-up sign indicating the ATM function on said pump may or may not be working, so I backed up to the pump behind it. I turned the ignition key to off, looked down to make sure the kickstand was still down, and started to get off. The kickstand, however, while down, was apparently not on actual pavement. I think I leaned it down onto a seam between two panels of concrete. Smart, smart, smart.

The bike went over, taking me with it. Spouse Thingy was scrambling to get off his bike, I was lying there worried not about the fact that my foot was pinned under the bike, but that I might have broken something on the bike.

Because that's how smart I am.

Two guys ran out of the gas station, and while the Spouse Thingy was worrying about whether or not I was in one piece, the one guy picked my bike up like it was a toy. And then we all stood there admiring my favorite toy, as it had not a single scratch on it. The mirror had moved, but it was not broken.

Bike guy assured me even he had dumped a bike or two in his time, including once with his wife on the back. I'm willing to bet she was not thrilled.

But, I finally got that first drop out of the way and nothing was broken, not on the bike or myself. It did make me think (again) that I don't want to wear my spiffy red, white, and blue leather jacket while riding any more, lest I mess it up. So today I went jacket shopping, and not finding anything that didn't make me look like a Power Ranger, I came home and ordered a jacket online.

Really, though, I am obviously of such great intelligence that they should clone me and sell me on eBay for, like, $59.99...

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