You Want This, You Know You Do...

Or...Rambling Because I Otherwise Have Blog Block...

Yep, I know, we only bought it two years ago. And it was my I Gotta Have It car, the one I'd wanted for 12 bazillion years. But the thing is, it was my car, bought with just what I wanted in mind. It's still a sweet car, but over the last few months we realized we really only needed one car for the two of us, and finally decided to get something we both like and not something that only I like.

Besides, on nice days we ride the bikes now, and don't make good use of the toplessness of driving the Sebring.

So we're gonna sell it.

Last month we nearly traded it in on a Camry, but they wouldn't even come close to blue book on it, so we walked away from the deal. Now with spring coming, we're pretty sure we can sell it for what it's worth ourselves, without the hassles of trade in negotiations. Heck, I may try to sell it on eBay; that worked out really well with the old Mazda. The difference is we owned the title on that and the bank owns the title on the convertible...we have to figure out the logistics of that first.

In other news, Buddah has discovered how to open the cabinet in the entertainment center, where some of his toys are kept...I can only hope he doesn't start pulling everything out a 4 in the morning.

And other other news, I still don't know what the heck is up with me and Typepad blogs...I'm starting to take all this Technoickiness personally.

And yes, Technoickiness is a word.

I just made it up, but still...

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