• Tell me, in what world is it acceptable to throw french fries out the window of your pickup truck at someone riding a motorcycle?
  • No, I was not the biker, just someone riding a few car lengths behind the biker.
  • I did get a mean-streaked thrill when a bike cop coming in the other direction saw the french fries fly, and then whipped a U-turn, lights on.
  • The Spouse Thingy also cannot comment on Typepad blogs; I can do it on my laptop from the library, so we have no idea what the problem is.
  • My business email seems hosed, too. Or maybe its just the email client I'm using.
  • Techoickiness.
  • Library Bob shushed a librarian today. I wanted to laugh, but I was afraid she would hit me with her book.
  • I need to find another place to work. I love the library, but it gets louder and louder, and if it's not oud, people seem to think they can talk to me.
  • Well, ok, I don't really mind that so much, but it's not a productive use of my time.
  • I want to win the lottery and then open an Office For Writers...someplace they can go to work away from home, where it feels like actually going to work.
  • I'd even have a lounge, with a microwave and vending machine. And a coffee pot, even though I hate coffee.
  • It would help if I actually bought lottery tickets.
  • Dangit. Now I want french fries.

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