Explain to me how "I'll mow the front yard and you mow the back" became "Thumper will mow the entire yard while the Spouse Thingy weed whacks." Because I'm pretty sure I got the short end of that stick.

Oh, and you know how and why we can both mow a lawn at the same time?

Because we needed a shed.

Yes, we needed a shed, and the Spouse Thingy valiently (with a tiny bit of help with all the tiny screws) ((hahahah yes he needed help screwing)) slapped a cheap one together ('cause we're all about the cheap) and placed it next to the other one at the side of the house (we have, like, zero storage here...) It's quite handy and he did a very good job.


He did not measure before assembling the Mighty Cheap Shed, and there's just not enough room to get the lawn mower between the shed and the a/c unit. There's barely enough room for a person to squeeze through there.

The lawn mower--which was in the back yard while the Mighty Cheap Shed was under assembly--was too heavy to lift over the a/c unit.

So now we have a Mighty Cheap 2nd Lawnmower, which lives in the garage, in a space next to the bikes that had been cleared of things that went into the Mighty Cheap Shed.

Yes, we're that good.

(Oh, and I could have gone inside after mowing the front lawn, but I'm not quite that mean. Plus, we have small yards. It took me less time to mow front and back than it did for him to whack his weeds... Maybe being nice will get me something. Like a trip to a big motorcycle dealership to sit on their merchandise and leave large puddles of drool. I am a cheap date, yes I am.)

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