• I think I've given up on Live Journal. I originally started an LJ in order to keep in touch with a few friends from the old Soapbox at Wil Wheaton's blog; some of them migrated to the new 'Box when it was moved from Wil's and placed in Roughy's capable care, but some did not. I like these people, I want to keep in touch, but I borked my template and now I can't do a freaking thing with it. Cannot post, cannot comment, and in my attempt to fix what I borked, I can't even read under the cuts anymore (um, yeah, that probably only makes sense if you're familiar with LJ. And I'm not holding out on this blog by posting there; I rarely made an actual post of my own, I mainly just kept up with other people...) So...if you friended me there, I'm not ignoring you. I just can't get into it, and I've given up trying. Then again, I don't think more than one or two people from LJ read this blog...if you're one of them, could ya wave bye-bye to everyone for me? I'm gonna miss everyone on my Flist there, even if they don't miss me back. If anyone does miss me, I'm here and on My Space.

  • Taxes are Evil. Just like snow.

  • The other day, while the Spouse Thingy was at work (and thusly had the car) I rode my bike to the post office. Any excuse to get out on it, yep. But as I came out of the building, helmet in hand, I heard a little boy say to his dad, "That wasn't a boy with the motorcycle. That's an old lady!" Ouch.

  • My laptop hates me. I need to do a system restore, but I'm a weenie. I'll give someone :::checks desk drawer::: $3 and a packet of Kellogg's Fruit Snacks to do it for me. Oh, and I have two little Dove chocolates, too, but they might be 6 months old.

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