Bulleted, For Your Pleasure...
Like that hasn't been used a million times...

  • Live Journal has not let me comment or post anything in over a month.
  • Sadly, on all the journals to which I am friended, no one has noticed =sob=
  • Or they have, and they are rejoicing ;)
  • Last night the Boy grilled filet mignon
  • I like mine a bit more done that the guys, so I put mine back for a few minutes
  • As I turned to go back into the house with my now-done filet, I dropped it
  • the 5 second rule does not apply to the back patio, where feral cats have rolled around as they torment Max & Buddah
  • The guys told me the filets were nothing special, just tasted ok, but I don't believe them
  • I *know* those were the BEST STEAKS EVAH!!111!
  • I was not rooting for either team in the Super Bowl, per se, but I was happy to see the Colts win
  • When I pulled the muscle in my back, I was just sitting there, not reaching for anything or sneezing, just sitting
  • I once threw out my neck when reaching for the computer mouse
  • I once threw my back out while cleaning the stove
  • See, my body hates me
  • I had a dream last night that the entire blogosphere was one big high school
  • I was thin in that dream
  • And my cat was still more popular than me...
  • =sigh=

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