Because I Am Lazy And Am Avoiding Cleaning The Kitchen...

...I moved the very cobweb-laden and dust covered HGH & FMS Experiment blog over to Wordpress. Even though I wasn't actually updating it, I left it on Blogger for anyone surfing for information on using Human Growth Hormone while having Fibromyalgia to find. Who knows, that little slice of info might be helpful.

But then Blogger became New Blogger and the archives disappeared. They're still there, buried in the bowels of Blogger, but I figured this was a way to check out Wordpress.

Going through the old posts as I moved them was a bit of an eye opener...Geez, for a while there, when we were in Ohio, I was really working out. I'd forgotten that at one point I was doing 120 lengths of the pool at the YMCA. I doubt I can do 20 now.

That's got to change...we got ourselves a spiffy Bowflex last week (we're canceling the gym membership; it;s a nice place but when your stomach turns at the thought of having to go there, it's a sign that it's not the right place...) and it's easy enough to use that I see it actually being used.

In fact, I can use that to avoid cleaning the kitchen.

I think I'll go work out. And then I'll avoid the kitchen. 'Cause, the other blog is totally moved now...

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