Thumpa Goes To The Base Hospital...

  • Doc did not yell because I was only 6 months late seeing him.
  • Doc is obviously very overworked and getting a bit scattered; it only took him 3 tries, a specific reqeuest from the pharmacy, and 90 minutes to get my scrip into the computer. He had to be reminded twice who I was.
  • He is a very good doc, very good, but is so stretched out being the only endocrinologist, that I think he's feeling it.
  • I think for my next routine endo appointment, I am going to see a civilian.
  • Big, brave Army guys can be very scared of a little blood test.
  • I did not laugh at the big brave army guy. He was about 6'7" and looked like one of those guys who if he said "Jump" you would do it and not ask how high.
  • He looked like he wanted to cry when he got stuck, but he did not whine.
  • Older lady in chair next to me whined more than a 6 year old, and after asking a dozen times "Will it hurt?" she left without letting them poke her even once.
  • When you go into the lab they ask you to tell them your first name and birthdate; they compare it to the lab slip. As I sat there an old guy shuffled in and the tech asked his name and when he was born: "Sam. And I'm 90, son, you do the math..."
  • I love spunky old people.
  • It took them 30 minutes to find a vein they could use in me. It was deep and lying on a tendon, and it hurt. I am not used to it hurting.
  • I am used to it taking a very long time to find a vein.
  • Tomorrow is Buddah's turn to have a heckup. I hope he's more brave than Max is. I don't need another Power Pooper Feline...

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