Don’t laugh, but truly I am filled with a weird sort of excitement right now. I felt pulled to the library again today, intent upon working, so I loaded up my backpack, tossed it in the trunk of the car, and to the library I went.

The usual tables were already filled with students studying (or pretending to study as thoughts of "Oh! He's so cute, I wonder if he likes me..." or "Did Han really shoot first?" tiptoe through their brains) so I wandered past the shelves loaded with books to see if there were any of the individual someone-should-be-taking-a-test-here tables were open.

And there he was.

Library Bob.

He was lounging in a chair by a window, thick tome resting comfortably on his lap. It occurred to me that I may have walked right by him many times lately, but I just didn't recognize him without his black leather wanna-be-a-cowboy hat. And since he wasn't in his usual chair...well, I have trouble sometimes recognizing people when they aren't where they're supposed to be. I could walk right by the Spouse Thingy in a grocery store if I wasn't expecting him to be standing in front of the yogurt display.

So now all is right with my little library world, and to work I must go. Well, I'm not really GOING anywhere, I'm still going to sit here looking like I'm ready to take my final exam in post modern English literature, what with the little barriers between my work space and the empty works space next to me, but I'm still going to work. So to speak.

Bah. I understand me.

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