Picture me going 55 mph.

On my bike.

Imagine a guy tailgating me, wayyyy too close. If I sneeze, he's going to bump my back wheel, and that would be a bad thing.

Visualize a pickup truck ahead, its bed loaded with 52 tons of crap.

A little voice in the back of my head said, "That truck doesn't look like its crap is tied down very well..." so I created a bit of distance between it and me. Car driver behind me was not amused and obviously wanted me to go faster; I thought 55 was fast enough.

We all approach a slight curve in the road...halfway through it a big blue wooden case of some sort flew off the back of the pickup. I swerved (yay for the motorcycle safety class where I learned a nifty quick swerve) and the case hit the ground; its pieces bounced to the side of the road.

No Wabbits were injured in the development of this scenario.

I think the guy behind me, though, wet himself...and for some reason thereafter he gave me a whole lot of space...

3 months ago that would have freaked me out. I would have been a hyperventilating mass of quivering fur.

Today, it was like "eh, I expected it. No harm, no foul."

Yay me :)

This should be filed under No Big Deal, other than I'm kinda proud of myself... Hopefully in this case pride does not goeth before a fall, because I might ride again tomorrow, and I have no desire to become a splotch on the landscape of life road.

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