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Hey Thumper, my mom said if I write a lot my typing will get a whole lot better. Is that true?

I think that if you type alot your typing gets better; if you write alot hopefully your writing gets better. I am a horrible typist and to rpove my point I'm not even going to to correct the typos I'm sure to make in my reply. And they're all real typos, not created for effect. Sometimes my fingers st goe where they want and I have to go back later and see if I can figure out what I intedned to say...and trust me, sometimes it's like trying to decipher an ancinet lanugage. I have a lot of "what the f...? what did I MEAN?" moments, on a pretty much daily basis.

Your cat still won't reply to my cat's email...

Your cat still freaks my cat out. He's neutered, for God's sake. Don't torment him with all those suggestions!

I want to get a motorcycle, too, but my parents freak out every time I mention it. I'm 17. I'm a safe driver and I don't want a crotch rocket, I just want a cruiser to learn on. Help me convince them it's safe.

But it's not safe. It's risky. Granted, so is driving a car and so is getting out of bed every day, but riding a motorcycle is inherently risky. You can be the safest driver in the world, but when you're behind the wheel of a car you have lots of metal protecting you. When you're riding a motorcycle, the only thing between you and asphalt is whatever clothing you're wearing.

I can't convince your parents. That's up to you. But if it's something you really want, prove you're serious about approaching it as safely as you can. Take the MSF Basic Rider's Course--and pay for it yourself. Read everything you can about motorcycles, smart riding, and safety. Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. Get the MSF Guide To Motorcycling Excellence. Pat Hahn's book How To Ride A Motorcycle. Demonstrate a willingness to wear all the proper gear, even if it's hot: full face helmet, leather or mesh armored jacket, chaps, boots, gloves...

Do all that, and then be very patient about it. Motorcycles will still be there when you're old enough to buy your own, insure it on your own, and maintain it on your own. If you just can't wait until then...then I agree with your parents. It's not safe for you to ride.

So how's Library Bob?

I think he read all their books...I haven't seen him there in a while. Maybe it's the nice weather; hopfully he's doing outside stuff and having fun. Or maybe he got tired of seeing me there and found a new place to hang out. If you want, I'll go riding around town to look...

Can I send Max a present?

Only if you send Buddah one, too...

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