Ok, the shoving of the tube down my throat was loads of fun. I am not a morning person, not at all, but had to be there at 7 a.m. I wasn't nervous and the only thing, aside from getting up that early, was getting an IV. My veins are notoriously uncooperative, but they only had to stick me 3 times. The endoscopy itself wasn't pleasant but it wasn't bad, either. The doc took 7 biopsies of polyps, supposedly normal looking and common to the drug I'm on, but who knows...? I'll find out more on the 22nd.

Oh, and then the day got so much better.

As I napped (because, really, I am NOT a morning person and was not all that awake) the Spouse Thingy got a call from the property management place. the guy that owns this house is going to try to sell it, so we're out at the end of our lease. The end of September. As in, in about 6 weeks end of September.

And he wants to be able to show it while we're still living here, complete with placing a lock box on the front door so that it can be shown while we're out. That's not happening.

I don't mind the idea of moving all that much, but damn, a little more notice--even though we've been given more notice that he's obligated to give--would have been nice. Giving us our deposit back in full and early wuld be helpful, but I can pretty much assure that's not happening, either. So basically we have to figure out how to put down a deposit, pay the first months' rent on a place, probably pay some rent on this place, and rent a truck to move again.

Fun times, eh?

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