And so it begins...

We sort of started the house hunt today. We drove up and looked at the outside of two houses. Both look like places we'd like to live, but one (the one with the pool, dammit) is about $300 more than we'd even consider paying for rent, so it's not even an option. The other is a definite possibility, if we can ever get inside to see it. There are people currently living there, and for some reason the guy from the property management place doesn't think they'd want us just banging on the door. He's going to try to arrange for us to see it in the next day or so...hopefully it won't get rented out in the meantime.

Ideally we'd like to stick with this management company--they know us, know we pay rent on time, and aren't problem tenants...and the guy we've been dealing with just has that 'I'm trustworthy' vibe--but in all the things they have available for rent, most of them refuse pets.


Keep your fingers crossed we get in to see this house asap and it turns out to be a good one. The neighborhood is a good one, and it would only add about 5 minutes to the Spouse Thingy's commute. It would be nice to not have to spend the next couple of weeks worrying about where we're going to be living in a month...

And thanks for the birthday wishes...I figure once we move, I'll make the Spouse Thingy buy me a present. Something expensive. Oooyeah.

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