Well...that turned out to be relatively painless. We got in to see the house today, liked it, and have a verbal agreement to rent. We'll go in tomorrow or the next day to sign the lease and hand over our life savings.

Go ahead, guess which house it is...

The cats will be happy; they'll still have stairs to run up and down (without carpet, so it will be extra noisy) and lots of windows to look out. I'm happy because there's an extra bedroom that will become my office. And I think we'll all be happy because the interior layout just makes more sense than the house we're in now.

We don't take the keys until the middle of September, so at least we won't be paying two rents all through the month.

So...after we plunk down the downpayment and the rent, I can make the Spouse Thingy buy me a really god post-birthday present.

What should he buy?

Come on, tell him. Think $$$.

I'll sit back and make a list... :)

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