When the sun is shining but it’s not too hot, all you wanna do is drive…topless. So we did. We spent most of today driving around looking at stuff, like a neighborhood we might want to move into, and the marina in Suisun City. A quarter tank of gas—even at today’s prices—is still cheaper than a movie with popcorn and drinks. Thusly, a nice way to spend a few hours. :)

Last night’s dream: We rent a house. While we’re moving stuff in, we lock the cats in the bathroom to keep them from getting out or getting squished. When we open the door late in the afternoon, both are dead because there was rat poison in the bathroom and they ate it. New landlord points and laughs, and thinks it’s funny. New landlord winds up with his family jewels hanging out his nostrils, because Thumper still has a wicked front kick.

Dream just before waking up: A bee gets stuck in my ear. I’m terrified (because I am allergic) and no one will help me, not even the Spouse Thingy. He’s too busy watching football game. I wander around with my hand over my ear, feeling the bee buzzing inside it, crying because I can’t find anyone to take the bee out of my ear. I woke up before I got it out, but I’m pretty sure that after I did, I found the Spouse Thingy and employed that nifty front kick again…

Now I wonder what the heck I ate before going to bed last night.

Yogurt and a banana. Wonder if that did it…?

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