Today’s topless driving: Napa, CA. we didn’t go tour the wineries, we just drove up there to drive up there and wander around a little bit. We discovered that it’s a lot cooler than it is here, that Napa has a really nice downtown area, and drive aimlessly around there isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Kitty 7Last night’s inexplicable dream: I’m in an airplane—I have no idea where I was headed—and I have Max and Buddah with me. No, not in pet carriers. They each have their own seat and are sitting like little people with the seatbelts across their laps. Max sits very nicely, his front paws folded on his belly, and Buddah squirms like a toddler being force fed peas. The flight attendants all ooh and aah over Buddah… but that’s all it was. A dream about flying in a place with cats. And it all seemed so normal.

I know I didn’t eat anything weird last night. Max was hogging the foot of the bed all night, maybe it was my subconscious dealing with being all cramped into one spot…

At least there were no bees.

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