So yay.

We finally got to go to the museum. It’s not a huge place by any stretch of the imagination—I think it took longer to drive there than to go through it—but it’s got some decent stuff. The European collection was alright, and some of the Early California Paintings were ok (the online library shows way more than are actually on display…) But there was one, in the Contemporary California collection that made the drive worth it.

This little image doesn’t do it justice. The canvas is huge, 114 inches by 170 inches, and the detail is so intricate that you have to spend time to look up close, then get further back, going back and forth just to soak it all in.

The painting is of the artist’s (Stephen J. Kaltenbach ) father following a stroke that left him incapacitated, but fully alert. It took seven years to complete…the entire painting is overlaid with these symbols (the orangish coloring in the photo image) that almost overtake it when you’re up close.

That’s the kind of stuff I like…I can’t even imagine having that kind of talent.

Edit next morning: check THIS out. It shows the details of this painting up close and in much better detail than I could ever describe... Mucho thanks to Leanne for pointing me there.

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