You’re Welcome, Dayton

I should have known it would happen. I finally get the jacket I’ve wanted for a long time, and now Spring is sprouting. Or blooming. Or sparkling. Whatever.

Now, granted, I’ve been whining about the cold and begging Spring to get here—I should have realized that when I left the flea market with that jacket, that the weather would suddenly warm up, and I wouldn’t be able to wear it without sweating like…um, not like a pig…just sweating a whole lot.

It’s good for about 37 and below (yep, we’ve gotten used to the cold, so 40 feels pretty spiffy right now) and for the rest of this week we’ll be 42 and above—we might even hit the 50s this weekend.

Too warm for the jacket, too cold to put the top down on the car.

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