Summer Breeze

When we traded the truck in on the Protégé, the Spouse Thingy said that within a couple of weeks, there would be something oversized we’d want to buy, and would have no way of hauling it home.


We wanted a pair of plastic lawn chairs; not the webbed fold-out kind—we have those and they’re not very comfortable—but plastic Adirondack chairs. Cheap, but comfy. Nice for sitting outside when it’s warm, gabbing with the neighbors, watching the neighbor kids play in the court.

So we went to Target today, knowing they had exactly what we want. And we knew they wouldn’t fit in the trunk of either car—but hey, I have a convertible. I learned at Christmas time that you can get something too big for the trunk and still haul it home. Just put the top down, set it in the back seat, and then put the top up. Tres convenient.

Only problem is, the chairs were too tall to put the top back up.
It was 48 degrees out.
I was anticipating a very chilly ride home, about which I would be whining the rest of the day (or at least until 2:30, when the Spouse Thingy headed off to work.)

It wasn’t bad at all! We kept the windows rolled up and the heat running, and actually felt a little uncomfortable after a while. It was too warm. Go figure. At least I got to ride with the top down.

And now we can sit outside and watch the kidlets, and drive the cat nuts as he sits in the window and contemplates our reasons for being out there with the little germ bags.

Happy Birthday to Kathy! And Happy Birthday tomorrow to Kaitlyn, who finally gets one on her birthday!

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