Ya, Salute

Ain’t it pretty?

My Valentine’s Day present :) The Spouse Thingy got The Shield, Season Two DVD set from me…I got the sweet USA jacket I’ve coveted for 3-4 years.

At the flea market, even!

Don’t laugh… the flea market is one of my favorite places out here, and we inevitably spend more than we intend when we go there. It’s a huge indoor flea market with just about everything imaginable available. While we wandered the length of one of the buildings, we passed a place that sells pet supplies—there was a little boy looking longingly at hamster cages, and as we walked by I heard his father say, “…but you don’t even have a hamster…”

The little boy seemed nonplussed. “Yeah, but we set out that mousetrap, and after it goes off…”

LOL Poor kid is in for a rude awakening.

BTW…leather is awfully squeaky. I never knew that.

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