Yes, I’m >this< close to a meltdown.

First off, the transmission on my car could crap out at any time. The brand new brakes are making a popping sound. It thrills me not, but it only has to hold out until the end of August. If it craps out before then, I don’t know what we’ll do, but I can survive—with a whole lot of whining—without a car for a few weeks.

My computer is on its last legs. Various things keep going wrong, all leading to the inevitable purchase of a new system, but we can’t swing that right now, so we did the next best thing—we bought an external hard drive and I transferred my important files onto it. All my business files, my manuscripts, image files… everything important. The very last pictures we took of Hank.

Last night I finished the new cover to Charybdis, with the intent of uploading it to the printer this morning. And I saved it to the new hard drive.

This morning, I booted up my computer, and was ready to upload—only my external drive doesn’t work. Every application I try pops up with an error message “This drive is not formatted. Would you like to format now?”

Well, ^&$^*&#, No! I would not! I want to access what’s already there!

I rebooted my computer.
I disconnected the drive, rebooted the computer.
I completely shut the computer down. I shut down power to the hard drive. I booted back up with it both connected and disconnected.

Nothing works.

I am so freaking, unbelievably pissed off right now.

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