And Here I Thought I Was Talking To Myself…

It’s a little disconcerting, writing and thinking no one is reading it. The tracker is useless; it shows 1 person a day, even times when the comments showed several, and email showed at least 5 or 6. But in the last week or two, when I surf onto my own blog, at the bottom of every post is “Comments?” with no little numbers to let me know if anyone has left a comment for me.

My poor feelings were hurt. No one had anything to say about my grandiose musings???

This morning it occurred to me that the comments might be broken, so I clicked on one random post to leave myself a comment to see what would happen—and there were like 7 comments there!

I don’t know what’s wrong, if it’s just me, if it’s YACCS, or Blogger. Thinking back, the lack of comments showing coincides roughly with Blogger moving everyone to the new servers, but that could just be coincidence.

So, question: when you load up the page, is there a little number next to “Comments?” or not? It might just be me…

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