$#@#$$^$ Part Two


The whole point of print on demand publishing is that they can print and bind 1 book at a time. Ideally, they print it, and ship it to whomever the publisher requests.

Yesterday I came to find out that the only viable printer for print on demand books won’t do that unless the publisher has 25 titles with them. Twenty five. Until that number is reached, the publisher is limited to ordering short runs of 25 copies or more.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

And can put me out of business before I even get started. Authors looking for POD don’t want to be forced into ordering 25 books at a time. Sometimes they only want 1 or 2 copies.

About the only thing I can do—offer at-cost publishing to the first 25-30 people who want it. No frills, no bells or whistles, just a book with a rather generic cover, and I’ll make absolutely nothing. I can live with that—hell, it’ll get me launched and give me a catalog of books, but finding that many people willing to go this route… =sigh=

I didn’t have a very good week, did I? :

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