It's official, I am an Internet Addict.

Our ISP puked out for about 24 hours, and then had intermittent drop outs of the signal, leaving me sitting here at my desk trying to connect with websites that weren't there, mumbling to myself, trying not to cry or punch my fist through the screen on my laptop.

This is never allowed to happen again.

It didn't help that a good portion of my software--stuff crucial to launching the publishing business--decided to puke out at the same time. I found myself irrationally pissed off about that...

It's the hormones. Being back on the pill is putting hormones back into my body I haven't had to deal with for 15 months, and I don't like it! I don't think the Spouse Thingy, the dog, or the PsychoKitty likes it, either. :\

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