Flipper, Flipper, Fasting Than Lightning…

You’d think that these would be easy to find. Just your garden variety, el cheapo swim fins. Nothing special, nothing best suited for deep sea diving or aqua-rescue. The same blue rubber fins we used to get when we were kids.

That seems to be the problem—everything out there is either for kids, or so expensive it’s just not worth it. I just wanted a cheap pair of fins to use at the Y pool. That and a snorkel, so I can do laps and still breathe. I figured I’d wander over to WalMart today and pick up a pair. Easy.

I went to WalMart, Target, Dick’s and a couple other places before finally winding up at Kmart. I think I bought a pair of kids’ fins, but what the hell, they fit.

So tomorrow I’m going to go to the Y, jump in the pool, and let everyone laugh at me while I zip up and down the lane with my spiffy new fins and bright, sparkly snorkel. I don’t care if they laugh. They’re just jealous.

And afterwards, the first store I walk into will have this huge display of swim fins for grown ups, and they’ll be on sale for 50% off. I just know it.

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